Our illustrious and renowned company, Steckbauer BizConsult e.U., stands for expertise in industrial operations, both local and international. We are delighted to support our customers on their challenging tasks, bringing projects to success or managing organizational changes. Whether the company is next door or overseas, we provide all of our experience and knowledge to tailor our services to meet the specific needs of our unique customers.



Our Services in detail:

Ad Interim Services

We provide our Interim Management Services as CEO, General Manager, CFO, Plant- or Production Manager, COO, Supply Chain Manager, Commercial Director, etc.

Consulting / Project Management

Our unique services in consulting or in projects are tailor-made for our customer’s needs, such as strategy development, process optimization, restructuring, drive the change, supply chain optimization, finance, logistics projects, standardisation, plant relocations, sales development, human resources management, claim management or the fulfilment of new requirements arising from legal, customer-based, authority side or from internal stakeholders.

Go International

Starting from sourcing- or sales-side industrial development, creating or improving supply chains and securing material supplies, over (particular) company relocations to build up industrial sites, green or brown field, from location-finding via planning, foundation support, government aid, operations detail planning, machinery furnishment, movement, start of production and ramp-up, up to the handover of a steady running company.

Rightsizing / Restructuring

Within partial or whole organisations, business units, subsidiaries or sites, we analyse and understand root causes, identify triggers, develop scenarios and drive cost reduction and optimization programs. We take the lead on such projects, negotiate with the stakeholders, banks and debt holders in order to finally end any crisis and to create a successful resolution to any problems. It is our pleasure to also support with fresh money, from financing or investment sources.

Executive Search

We support in the creation of the profile for the desired candidate, execute the search itself, identify, contact and effectively select professional and managerial staff. We complete anonymous searches and provide support with replacements and succession planning, as well as in business succession. We only get active with a search assignment and do not forward any details prior to release from the applicant.

Supervisory Boards

Dependent on the country and legal form, we support, coach and supervise the operational management for the company’s sake. With our long-term industrial experience and our business knowledge we provide competent, independent and supportive service.

Interim Management

Interim Management is defined as the temporary responsibility for a hierarchical function or a project lead, until the target is achieved, or the situation is stabilized.

As an interim manager we can quickly oversee complex contexts and understand the business models behind them, as well as establish strong relations among the stakeholders. Furthermore, as Entrepreneurs we act strategically and in a sustainable manner to achieve our targets consequential and effective. With our hands-on mentality we can close management gaps and lead projects to success. Combined with the outside view and the independency from coteries, we can achieve what can hardly be achieved internally.

At a first analysis and planning stage we define the strategy and jointly agree on an action plan that will be realized, before focussing on the transfer to a sustainable future situation within the company. During this time our customers can rely on transparency and proactive information, as well as receiving a continuously or final documentation.

In our daily business, interim management showed up as the main choice, not only in case of lacking staff, but also when considering projects, restructurings or change processes. The distinct advantage being that by taking the operational responsibility we directly work on the task and effectively drive the progress.

You can always rely on our professional competency and practical experience, just feel free to contact us.

The company

The company Steckbauer BizConsult e.U. was founded in 2020 by Steffen Steckbauer. Since this time the company is committed to support our customers in growth, consolidation and change. Therefore the success is based on a combination of single contribution and collaboration within a wide and diverse network.

Company Data Overview:

Company Name: Steckbauer BizConsult e.U.
Legal Form: sole proprietorship (recorded)
Company Registration No.: FN539394b
Competent Court: Landesgericht Feldkirch (Austria)
VAT No.: ATU 758 093 14
Institutional Membership: Wirtschaftskammer Vorarlberg (Austria)
Professional Association: Consulting, Accounting and IT (UBIT)

About me

With more than 20 years of international experience in producing companies of various industries, including several years as a CEO in South-East Asia, having specialized in the fields of reorganisation, optimization and consolidation, I can additionally provide broad technical understanding and a wide and diverse network.

During my academic career, I achieved a Diploma and Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a Master’s degree each for Finance Management and Business Process Engineering and gained practical experience in general management, purchasing, pperations, supply chain management, finance, HR and in international sales. In these areas I took responsibility as head of department, plant manager, company doctor, proxy and managing director, in family-owned and as well in group companies.

My industrial experience covers branches such as automotive, energy, motorsports, racing, metrology, machining tools, in metal- and plastics processing, electronics and trading, ranging from prototyping to series and project business.


With strong cooperation, come opportunities for challenges to be met and problems solved. Knowledge can be intensified, and shortages can be covered with the right person. Therefore, we are proud to collaborate with the below-mentioned partners (by clicking the logo you will be forwarded to the company’s website):

I Q X IQX Group GmbH, Kalchberggasse 3, 8010 Graz, Austria
Senior Experts Network, Consulting, Interim, Plant Planning, Restructuring, Projects
H W E HWE Business Consulting, Palais Trauttmansdorff, Bürgergasse 5a, 9010 Graz, Austria
Executive Search, Headhunting, HR Consulting
C.M.T C.M.T. & Co International, Robert-Schumann-Str. 9c, 6850 Dornbirn, Austria
Go International and New Market Projects, Start-up Consulting, Trainings
W K O Wirtschaftskammer Vorarlberg, Wichnergasse 9, 6800 Feldkirch, Austria
Professional Association in Consulting, Accounting and IT (UBIT)

Contact Details

We are looking forward to getting in touch with you via the following contact details:

Company Name: Steckbauer BizConsult e.U.
Address: Langwies 18, 6824 Schlins, Austria
Phone: +43 5524 30327
Mobile: +43 677 637 852 79
E-Mail: office@steckbauer.biz
Business Card (vCard): Steffen Steckbauer VCF
how to find us: OpenStreetMap